Accessibility and information for disabled visitors

To enquire about facilities and to book tickets for disabled people please contact:

Tim Rushby, Marketing Manager

0121 616 2619

BCMG, CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, Birmingham, B1 2LF

Tickets for most of our events are sold via the Town Hall and Symphony Hall Box Office. You can e-mail THSH Box Office at to request tickets and they will contact you. To purchase or reserve tickets for events not available via the THSH Box Office, or for free events requiring booking, please contact our Marketing Manager using the above details. Please do not send credit card details via e-mail.

BCMG brochures are available on-request, free of charge, in large-print, Braille, on CD or by email. Please contact our Marketing Manager using the above details.

Ticket Discounts
Concession tickets are available to over 65s, passport to leisure holders, wheelchair users and disabled patrons.

Those who need the assistance of a companion to attend an event at CBSO Centre are entitled to claim a ticket for their companion free of charge.

Wheelchair Users
Spaces for patrons who need to remain in their wheelchair during performances are available at CBSO Centre. If you are a wheelchair user, it is very helpful to know if you would prefer to transfer from your wheelchair to a seat or whether you will be remaining in your wheelchair for the performance. If you need to borrow a wheelchair to transfer from the main entrance to your seat, please ask a member of staff when you arrive.

A toilet accessible to wheelchair users is available on ground level at CBSO Centre. This facility does not require a RADAR key.

Visually Impaired People
Guide dogs are very welcome. You can either keep them with you in the auditorium during the concert or event, or we will be happy to look after your dog for you in the foyer while you enjoy the performance. Please ask a member of staff if you would like help to get to your seat.

Hearing Impaired People
The CBSO Centre hall hall is equipped with an infra-red hearing enhancement system, which can be used either in conjunction with a hearing aid or with ear-phones. In both cases you will need a receiver to use the system, and these are available to borrow, free of charge. Please request a receiver upon arrival at the Centre.

People with Mobility Difficulties
Access to CBSO Centre’s concert hall, bar and toilets is all flat, with no steps or ramps. The hall configuration is flexible, meaning we can accommodate for seating which offers more leg-room if required.

First Aid
In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a member of staff who will be able to contact a first aider to help you.

Accessible Toilet
A toilet accessible to wheelchair users is available on ground level at CBSO Centre. This facility does not require a RADAR key.

Dropping Off & Parking for Disabled People
There is metered parking on all streets around the CBSO Centre. There are also car parks at Brindleyplace and Mailbox, both within a 5-minute journey of the Centre. Limited free parking can be arranged on request by contacting BCMG’s Marketing Manager using the details provided at the top of this page.

CBSO Centre’s main entrance is on Berkley Street and there is space to drop off directly outside the venue. Curbs are low, however please be aware that the closest dropped curb is approximately 50m away, at the zebra crossing on Holliday Street.