David Horne works with young composers at Feel the Buzz

Creative Composing Lab

Our Creative Composing Lab workshops run three times throughout the year, one each school term. The workshops are an exciting opportunity for young people to compose guided by the expert knowledge of professional composer David Horne from Royal Northern College of Music. Participants will spend the day learning techniques, gaining ideas, and trying new things out, culminating in a short performance and recording of music written during the day. The workshops are a great opportunity for budding composers to interact with both professional musicians and other like-minded young people. If you love creating music or you need ideas for your GCSE, BTEC or A-level composition, Creative Composing Lab is for you.

Creative Composing Lab used to be called Feel the Buzz.

Recruitment for these workshops is nationwide on a first-come-first-served basis and we are looking for young people from across the country with a strong interest in composing. All workshops are completely free but we do ask that you book a place in advance as places are limited.

I’ve got a lot of inspiration for other compositions and ideas. I feel much more motivated.

Eye-opening: a true improvement in my music.

The BCMG musicians were helpful and fun to work with. They gave excellent advice.

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