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Resolution brought together composers and biomedical scientists from the University of Birmingham’s Rheumatology Research Group, part of the Centre for Translational Inflammation Research based in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and to work with young people to create new music around the theme of auto-immune disease. Funded by a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award, the project ran in three secondary schools: Turves Green Girls School and King Edward VI Handsworth Girls School in Birmingham and Light Hall School, Solihull. The project was led by composers Fraser Trainer, Liz Johnson, Jackie Walduck, Jeremy Clay, Joanna Lee and Ruta Vitkauskaite and scientists Beth Clay, Rachel Bayley and Hannah Hope, Education Officer at the British Society for Immunology. The project culminated in “an evening of music and science on 22 March 2013 which included the music composed by and for the young people. You can listen to recordings of the music in the audio player on the right.

Three pieces were composed for the young people to perform and the scores are available to download from the links on the right:

  • Immunophonology by Joanna Lee is a vocal piece which explores both the process and the terminology associated with an immune response.
  • Molecular Mimicry by Jeremy Clay is a piece for flexible ensemble depicting the process of the body’s immune system mis-recognising its own antigens (particular proteins which live on the surface of cells) for those of a foreign pathogen and attacking itself.
  • Fairies and Elephants by Ruta Vitkauskaite is a piece for flexible ensemble inspired by the process of protein creation and the score reflects a scientific image which shows how a protein is created.

The scores are free to download and perform. All the resources produced as part of the project are available on our Learning Resources website. If you perform any of the pieces, please let us know. If you have any questions regarding performing the pieces or about any other aspect of the project please email the learning team.

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