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In addition to the participants and audiences at Millennium Point, and those reached via the numerous previews and reviews in the national and regional press, over 11,500 people were reached online by Crowd Out in some way over the performance week. Here’s a selection of some the some of the wonderful things that were said.

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_ In response to BCMG posting ‘Were you one of our 1000 vocalists for the Crowd Out world premiere performances in June? Were you in the audience? Or have you read the numerous wonderful reviews and wished you’d been at the performances? Either way… we now have this 3-minute ‘trailer’ and a full 35-minute video of the performances available to watch online!’_

Amie Boyd: It brings back so many memories. It is quite possibly one if the most exciting events I’ve taken part in and can’t wait to do it again!
Peter Baldwin: Great to hear it as the audience did. The music sections work best for me.
Pauline Russell: *Wow, absolutely brilliant !!!! And to hear it from the ‘outside’, as it were, was something else. I agree Bella, the part that made me shiver was when the singing came from a distant and gradually we were all singing at the same time. What an experience!!!!!
Gwen Cheshire: Memories of a wonderful day!
Bella Hamblin: I second that.. I had shivers listening.. It was wonderful to be part of.
Vickie Pring: Thanks! Really good to see how it sounded after being a performer.

_ In response to BCMG posting ‘This stirring work starts with muttered phrases and builds to a massive, multi-stranded climax … It’s by turns stirring and touching, in the way so much of Lang’s best music is.”
Vickie Pring Great review. I still can’t quite believe I got to be part of something so special.’_
Sarah Stevens: Great experience and great review!
Pauline Russell: It was a brilliant day and what an experience to be part of.

In response to BCMG posting ‘Our Crowd is gathering for today’s dress rehearsal at Millennium Point! They’re looking wonderful – and there’s such a great buzz!’
Gordon Elcock: I am here with Niamh Elcock, Cait Elcock, Brian Booth, Frederick Wisdom, Catherine Wisdom, Emma O’Brien, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Daisy Khera and about 992 other people!
Vickie Pring: Had fun. Looking forward to tomorrow. #crowdout #Orange4 :)
Jewel Ahumibe: Please all come to Crowd Out today at Millenium Point. Performances at 2:30 and 4:30. Really exciting