Crowd Out vocalists from above

Facts and figures

It’s convinced me that composers can write great pieces for community choirs with different experiences and skills and that ordinary people can take part and enjoy it.

Crowd Out participant

We collected data and feedback from participants and group leaders, which indicated that:

  • 41% of participants were under the age of 25
  • 66% of participants expressed the desire to join a choir or get involved in large-scale community events in the future
  • 73% of participants indicated that they had never taken part in a performance or community event before
  • 73% were encouraged by Crowd Out to try contemporary music again in the future, either as a performer or an audience member
  • 100% of respondents felt inspired by their participation in Crowd Out

Just as valuable to us was discovering that: a number of the 20 vocal leaders subsequently expressed a desire to look for future similar projects to engage their community groups in; a sense of identity and community developed in many of participant groups (especially those comprised of individual sign-ups), exactly as hoped by the composer; many adult performers expressed how impressed they were with the young people’s involvement; and the signposting of participants to further opportunities to get involved in local choirs and community singing projects beyond the life-span of the project seems to have worked as we have had reports from at least two choirs that their numbers have increased as a result of taking part in Crowd Out.