BCMG performing David Sawer's Rumpelstiltskin

What makes us different

With our close links to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, from which many of its virtuoso musicians are drawn, BCMG provides the leading international example of how a world-class new music ensemble and orchestra can flourish side by side. In addition to our unique relationship with the CBSO, the Group’s distinguishing features include:

Sharing in music’s future
Sound Investment is a pioneering funding scheme that shares the thrill of commissioning new music – connecting audiences, composers and performers. Launched by BCMG in 1991, the scheme has so far raised £300,000 for new music, and the idea has changed the landscape for the creation of new works and has been taken up by ensembles in the UK and across the world.

Supporting composers of all ages
We enable composers of all ages, at all stages of their careers, to create exciting new music, providing a flexible environment in which their ideas can flourish. Recent years have seen the Group work with composers from as young as Primary School age to over 100 years old. This approach has enabled the Group to develop long-standing relationships with many composers.

Developing talent
BCMG seeks out emerging talent, supporting the next generation of artists, and providing inspirational experiences for young professionals beginning careers in the arts. This includes working in partnership with higher education institutions in Birmingham and beyond, and our established Apprentice Composer-in-Residence programme.

Pushing the boundaries
We play a key research and development role in music: supporting composers to push the boundaries of their art, collaborate across art forms and create their most innovative work; and evolving learning practice and pedagogy by engaging with music education researchers at a national level.

Working with others
Last but far from least, collaborating with a diverse range of partner organisations allows us to harness outside expertise – enabling innovative art form development, reaching more people, pooling resources, and raising the profile of new music in the wider world.